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Website Launch

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Finally, today is the day we can present our revamped site to the rest of the world.

As true designers, we have been our own harshest critics, designing and redesigning our site numerous times in recent months. Striving for perfection and creating “the look” that best portrays our balanced UX/UI design thinking has proven to be more challenging than designing complex digital solutions for our clients.

Friendly’s history and nature of work since 2007 has proven we can rely on word-of-mouth, shying away from the traditional agency model of begging and pitching for the next gig. Through exceptional design quality and getting to know our client’s customers, Friendly has managed to maintain long standing Friendships with major brands and innovative start-ups that other agencies would die to work with. In 2015 we have grown to a team of 13 and are continuously on the hunt for digital superstars. It’s now time for us to practice what we preach and apply our ‘Friendly’ process to our site.
For those who were playing along at home, we actually had a countdown timer on our holding page which we had to manually set back - you know how it goes - we can only dedicate time to ourselves once all the client work is done. And we are blessed to work with some awesome clients who always keep us nice and busy. So thanks for your patience.

Finally, we are very proud to launch our website version 1.O with some more exciting features to come. Consider this our MVP.

For the rest of 2015 we look forward to growing the Friendly team and our portfolio, and of course getting to know you. Feel free to give us a buzz, we’d love to hear from you.



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